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Personal Loan

Our trained advisors are real connectors between you and your confusions. They analyse your financial status in a better way to review loan agreements. Now when it comes to loans, the most difficult job for an individual is to document the details and important information. We provide support to all your documents. Providing timely communication regarding your loan’s status, we also explain you the appropriate procedures. Once you come to us, you need not to worry about anything. We make the papers pass through administrations and achieve your objective. our own structure that is client oriented, keeps us focused. For us, you are the first. Your goals are our goals.

Home Loan

Analysing your financial data and gathering all information needed, our executive is always at your service. EssEff provides one person one assistance. With highest number of real estate companies in line with us, we offer best rates. we closely observe your expenditure and decide corrective actins accordingly. improving your mortgage loan system will be our responsibility once you join us.

Business Loan

Visit us to first know the many options that you have for borrowing a loan. Once you are clear with your investments, you must design your loans and foresee by when you would be EMI-free. Deigning your loans helps you the best with making your future clear. Whether you are looking to expand your business or want to meet your working capital and trade finance needs, ESSEFF has a multiple option list for finance options. We help you understand them the best and choose any which is flexible to match most of your business needs. Also, ESSEFF gives you a choice of collateral and quantum of finance. We want you to get the right funding for your business growth.

Car Loan

Phew! Getting a car loan is altogether a lengthy process. You might have heard many saying so. Yes, it is a fact. You need to apply to multiple banks, submit various documents and papers, show the grooves of your earnings and payments, submit the bank statements and also to show your future earring capacity. And after doing all this, you are still not satisfied or sure if your loan will get sanctioned as per your terms and choices. Yes, that is where we come in the picture. Providing valuable assistance to you, we help you get the car loan at attractive and the lowest in market rate of interest. We also make sure that EMI amount, tenure and conditions meet your terms and choices and do not create any trouble for you while getting the loan and post getting your car loan.

Mortgage Loan

You wan tit, you like it, you get it! Yes, this is made true with Sai Fakira's Mortgage Loan services. Have you seen a home and dreamt of buying it? But your budget it holding you back? And you have a home against a home? Money is tough! we understand that. Here we are, with you always. We help you to spend your budget over a period of long term and clear the full payment while you already get an early ownership of your dream home! Living in your own home even before you pay completely for it is made true!

Project Loan

Are you someone who has ideas and execution plans to grow your nation's infra, industry and others? Then you will require a substantial working capital and hence project loans are perfect for you. Be a proud citizen and stand tall for your country. It's always better to have a credit pending on your shoulders. Worrying about your credit that might impact on your project will result into less focus on your work. So, come to us and get the lowest rates project loans. And focus fully on giving 100% to your own enterprise.